Monday, June 12, 2017

Weeks 8-9


How far along: 8-9 Weeks

Size of the Baby: Strawberry at 8 weeks, Olive at 9


Baby Development: Baby is about ¾ of an inch long, and developing organs, bones, and teeny tiny eyes and ears.   

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 0

Maternity Clothes: I bought my first preggo shirt for Memorial Day, “Red, White, and DUE.” I also grabbed a few maternity work shirts that I found on sale $5.99 SCORE.

Gender: Unknown

Movement: Science says I’m wrong, but I’m convinced I can feel tiny little flutters. It feels similar to getting a nerve twitch; like teeny little tugs from the inside of my tummy. Laying on my stomach is becoming slightly uncomfortable due to pressure from uterus (which is now the size of a grapefruit… Yay, science!)

Sleep: I usually have to get up to pee, and I cannot seem to get my neck and back comfortable. I’m also having some pretty wild dreams. For instance, last night we forgot to build stairs in our new house, and I have to hoist myself and Baby Neal to the 2nd floor through a chicken coop window. 

What I Miss: Nada!   

Cravings and Aversions: Last week, I had a craving for chocolate cake… I settled for cappuccino yogurt, and felt ohsogross afterward. Chips and salsa are my current go-to. And LOTS of water. Like 3 liters a day! I’m also usually a big fan of leftovers, but they are suddenly seeming a bit gross to me. 

Symptoms: My chest is finally getting sore – but still not as bad as I expected. Mostly just if I run – which, let’s face is, is a rarity. According to my husband, I’m just “really kind of bad at it.”  

Best Moment this Week: Last Wednesday, I toured the infant room at Faith Church with my momma. I also had my first OB appointment at Hillcrest, but it was mostly just blood work.  And Peyton said she would like to be in the room during delivery (as long as she doesn’t have to stand by my feet – HA!)  

And this super sweet conversation: 

Monday, May 22 2017

Peyton, on going into high school next Fall: “Ugh, what is my purpose in life?!”
Me: Girl, I’m 30 and still don’t know what my purpose is.
Peyton: Sure you do. It’s to be a mom.

Not-So-Great Moment this Week: Being my husband’s chauffeur. And thereby, everyone else’s chauffeur. I’m also a bit irritable, which is exhausting. 

Looking forward to: Our first visit with the Doctor next Tuesday, which also means our first ultra sound!

Post script.... my work has locked down their security settings, and I wasn't able to post this when I initially wrote it. Without going into details, Peyton is no longer living with us. It is heart breaking for both me and her dad, but it's the best option for all of us. Hopefully in the future we can work to restore our relationship. 


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