Friday, January 24, 2014

Parenting is a verb.

I've written about 3 blog entries on my phone that I have yet to post. Yes, yes, I'm slacking.

I'm also behind on my daily devotional book. And my healthy cooking. And my leisure reading. And my workouts.

But I am completely caught up on surviving the flu, taking the kids to the aquarium, cheering my mom through knee surgery, and figuring out how to calm a sweet little boy with strep throat [hint: it's singing crazy African beats].

Until I am able to post the rest of my updates, I will leave you with today's Facebook post where I shamelessly blasted my current frustration. I am so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing support system.

My goodness. I'm going to cry the happy tears, and then run home to hug my precious little family.

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