Friday, January 3, 2014

The Apology Gift

I'm a woman. A scorpio woman. Do you have any idea what this means?

I'm stubborn. I'm a bad apologizer. And if I'm losing an argument, I will start to pick fights on topics I might have a slight advantage at just to make myself feel like I'm not losing. It goes something like this:
"I'm not mad. I just hate watching this team. They're not even good..." 
[This team was playing great. I was mad because my team lost to them when we weren't playing great]
"Watching this game with you and so-and-so is so annoying, you're not a real sportscaster, stop acting like it..."
[He played college football... he knows his shit. He's basically a college football genius. And he holds Division III records. How hot is that?!]
"You're being a jerk. Why didn't you hug me when I walked in the door?"
[He did. And really, I'm not that needy.]
 "You promised to have dinner with me, why'd you eat ahead of time?"
[I was late getting home from work so his wonderful momma cooked for us to be nice.]

I then complained about no alone time, doing dishes, not being taken seriously, the stress of moving out of my apartment, why everyone hates my dog, the whole house is mean to me, blah blah BLAH oh my GOSH Courtney shut up. Seriously, sometimes I'm just a brat for the sake of being a brat. Or for the sake of PMS and I really can't help that.  Yanno what I was really mad about? Probably just holding a grudge over stupid  overrated  OU Sooners because they beat my Cowboys during the annual Pokey Chokey at Bedlam this year. Really, Mike Gundy?!

Thankfully, my sweets knows me well enough to know not to argue with me when I get like this (don't worry - I never ever call him "sweets" to his face). He hugs me, tells me I'm pretty, and goes to bed. Occasionally I get mad that he won't argue.

And theeeeen I spend the entire following day trying to come up with new ways to apologize. Today, I doodled apology graffiti and sent him artsy fartsy pictures of them. He has also received apology sandals, apology dinners, and apology fishies for the salt-water tank. At this point, he probably gets excited whenever I argue with him because it means he's going to get something really stinking cool the next day.

Tonight, we are going to a fancy shmancy dinner to celebrate all the wonderful starts to our 2014

His best friend got hired on at his office.
My best friend turned 27 today. (Remember, they are married so it isn't weird that we asked them to dinner together).
Most importantly, we are celebrating the union of our.... stuff.

I am moving all of my junk into his house this weekend, and I could not be more excited! Once we get decorated, I'll give a tour of all our new DIY projects (we have a lot going at once... It excites my little DIY heart, and it satisfies his ADD needs).

Eeeeeep. So many exciting things coming up this year, and I cannot wait to share them!

[[ On a side note.... It has been a year since my Papa passed. Part of my heart is with him every day. ]]

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