Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We're Getting Married!

Extra! Extra!
[My fiance (eeeep!) and me in Ocho Rios, Jamaica]

Months ago, Chris asked to plan a special 2 year anniversary trip. I was ecstatic! But then he began telling me all the details of a horrifying adventurous Hog Hunting trip in the woods of Arkansas. Sounds awfully romantic, right? Ugh. Boys.

But this guy was keeping secrets the whole time. He renewed his passport, booked our flights, had secret chats with my dad and my brother, and whisked me off to Jamaica for a full week of romance and adventure. We went sailing, paddle boating, knee-boarding, had a couples massage on the ocean, danced under the stars, and he proposed on the private Drift Away beach area. His proposal reminded me very much of the time he first told me he loved me.
Look, Courtney, I love you. Ok? You hear me? Alright, now let's finish painting this kitchen.
Courtney Nicole... Will you marry me?
 It was very much "us." Sweet, simple, to the point.


We are planning for an October wedding, since it is the anniversary of all our major moments: first met, first date, first kiss, first crisis, first anniversary, first everything. We could technically have our wedding on our dating anniversary, if we want to go bold with a Halloween Wedding. Is that even a real thing? The kids would require a costume contest. I can't say I'd mind have a Ninja Turtle at my wedding....

I plan on blogging my wedding planning adventures here, and I'm so excited to be able to document everything. Hooray for the wonders of the inter-webs!

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