Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Save The Date

So as it turns out, planning a wedding is both happily exhilarating and horribly frustrating. The latter is mostly because I don't have a million dollars, AND it's hard to tour venues, talk to florists, and research photographers when you have a 6 year old who needs your help studying books every night so he can be the best reader in kindergarten (FYI - he is) and an almost-12 year old wanting to know why on God's green earth she isn't allowed to have a cell phone that we aren't allowed to creep through to make sure she isn't planning to exonerate the entire female population of the 6th grade (FYI - she is).

Aside from that, wedding planning is exciting and fun and surprisingly easy. We have our venue, I have my dress (Maggie Sottero is the queen of everything), the bridal party has been selected, the food has been planned, and everything else seems to be falling into place. It makes it much easier that I have a groom who reads me very well. He knows precisely when to freak out with me and when to tell me it will all randomly work out. It also helps that we can both remain the same level of calm throughout venue tour, only to let out the same squeal or gasp as soon as the doors shut behind us.

But hey, check out this fancy place that we are getting hitched!

[Oaks Country Club]


[I cannot wait to marry this guy.]

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